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This privacy statement applies to the Weather Tunnel Android Application (the Application) developed by zalicon enterprises, inc. (the Developer), excluding third party Advertising components used to show display ads in the Application. Ad Service components operate outside the control of the Weather Tunnel and abide by their own policies.

A comfortable experience with the Application is our desire. To that end the Application does not use the information it collects outside the Application, and all collected data is done so to support specific features of the Application.

Information Collected

The Application, on each phone, collects a unique id (generated by the OS) and stores it on a server to prevent abuse of the Web Services crucial to the operation of the Application. No personal identifying data is stored external to the device by the Application.

The Application, in the course of its operation, gathers information about locations. Locations may include the current location of the device, the location of people’s addresses located in the device Contact storage and locations a user may randomly search and save. All this data is stored locally on the device.

Information Use

The Application and its Developer do not use data collected for any use other than enabling the functionality of the Application. Data is not collected with any goal other than supplying an enjoyable experience in viewing the weather. The Application does not ship information (other than that mentioned above) outside the device.

The Application may in the future provide information to In-App Ad Service components, if that is found to improve their performance. Although no personal indentifying data will ever be used in that way.

Avoiding features that use Personal Data

To avoid having the current location tracked, the Application’s Setting’s screen allows a user to stop the application from tracking the current location of the device. The use of Contacts only occurs by user initiation, via the Add Friends menu option. Do not use that option and the Contacts will not be accessed. Upon uninstall of the Application, the local database is deleted and is not stored in any other location by the Application.

NOTE: Third party Ad services used for display ads are out of the control of the Application and Developer. They may or may not be using information available on the device.

Currently the following Ad services are used (with links to their privacy polices):

Last Updated June 1, 2012

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